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Hi, my name is Alvin Alexander. I wrote the Scala Cookbook for O’Reilly, and this book — Functional Programming, Simplified — is my new book about functional programming (FP).

When I first started trying to learn about FP in Scala, I struggled — a lot. Because Scala/FP developers use many advanced language features all at the same time, it took me a long time to break through that learning barrier. The only way I was finally able to understand FP was to break their code down into smaller chunks until I could understand each concept. When I finally broke through what turned out to be many barriers, I decided to turn my notes into a book that could help other people understand functional programming.

As just one small example of the barriers I’m talking about, when I first started learning FP I came across this code, which was introduced with the words, “it’s very easy to access and modify state”:

def updateHealth(delta: Int): Game[Int] =
     StateT[IO, GameState, Int] { (s: GameState) =>
     val newHealth = + delta
     IO((s.copy(player = s.player.copy(health = newHealth)), newHealth))

I don’t know about you, but the first time I saw that code, the word “easy” is not what came to mind. Among other things going on in that code, I had never written a type like StateT[IO, GameState, Int] and thought it was easy.

In this book I explain all of the concepts that are used to write FP code in Scala. As I learned in my own experience, once you understand all of the small programming concepts, you can understand Scala/FP.

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